Getting started: How to Register and Login

This tutorial is designed to take you through the registration process and how to login and logout.

Why register

Tiki uses a permission system to give people access to certain functions and areas of the site. In general, anonymous users will have basic permissions, most of the time only viewing permissions. You need to be a registered user to be able to contribute. Uploading your protocols, posting comments and editing wiki pages are rights reserved for registered users to allow for the tracking of who is doing what, and to ensure the integrity of the system.

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* Click the Register button on the top right of this page or simply go to this link(external link) to register.

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* Include your real name (e.g. John Smith) as ‘Username’ to assist other users in identifying you and correctly acknowledging your contributions.


* Select a password that is secure and one that you will remember. Note the password is CASE-SENSITIVE. If you forget your password at anytime, you can click "I forgot my password" located at the top right of this wiki or simply follow this link(external link).


* To prevent non-humans (SPAM Bots) from registering, please enter the number you see in the Anti-Bot verification image.


* Once you have done that click Register.

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* You will then be asked to state how you would like to be cited, and the organisation you are associated with:

 - File

* After registering, you will receive an email asking you to validate your account. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account.

Congratulations! You are now registered with PrometheusWiki.

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Logging in and out

Locate the Login/Logout window. If you have registered previously then you know where it is.

Enter your Username and Password and click on the button Login. You may also want also to select the "Remember Me" box so that the system remembers you for next time.

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Whenever you have finished on the Tiki site remember to Logout at the same location.

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