Help uploading and inserting files

This tutorial briefly describes how to enhance a page or protocol by including images, videos, excel spreadsheets, word documents and other resources to be visualized or downloaded.

File Galleries


In the left hand Menu bar is a link to File Galleries(external link). This is where any images you see on the site are stored.

NOTE: Ensure you hold the copyright for, or have permission to upload, any images, documents or videos BEFORE uploading them.

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Insert images while in ‘Edit mode’


Before any images can be inserted into a protocol, they need to be uploaded into the file gallery. As well as within the File Galleries(external link)., this can be done whilst editing a page, by selecting the quicklink/icon which appears as a stack of polariods and is labeled -Add image from file gallery’.

 - File

You will be prompted to label the image, fill in a brief description, and choose which file gallery to save it into.

Once the image has been uploaded, you can return to ‘LIST GALLERIES’ to select your image for insertion directly into the text.

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Image formats


The following image formats are compatible with PrometheusWiki’s site software: .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG

Note: .TIFF files often do not appear intext.

Note: Maximum file size is limited to: 50 MB

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awaiting further information

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Other files e.g. office documents (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt)


You may have an excel spreadsheet containing key equations relevant to a particular protocol, or a word document or pdf you would like to make available to others – Too easy! – Just go to the base of the page, and click ‘Attach file’ (if another file is already attached this button may be yellow and called ‘1 attachment’ or similar). You can then browse your computer to locate your file, before adding a comment or description and attaching it to the page.

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