How to submit a protocol


This tutorial runs through the protocol submission process and what to expect.

Submit your protocol


On the Home page there is a link to ‘Submit your protocol’ – this is where you start!

NOTE: If you are not a registered user, you will be prompted to register prior to being able to submit your protocol.

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Before you will be able to begin uploading details of your protocol to submit to PrometheusWiki, you will be asked to read and accept a couple of important conditions including:

  • Confirming that you hold the copyrights to the material you intend to submit to PrometheusWiki
  • Agreeing to select a single category for your protocol so that it is sent to the appropriate Editor for approval
  • Agreeing to provide keywords within the ‘Search terms and classifications’ section to function as ‘tags’ to link your protocol to other related protocols
  • A suggestion that you review the How to submit a protocol and Editing Help tutorials prior to starting, and to have a copy of the Editing cheatsheet handy.
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The protocol submission template


Once you have agreed to all of the checklist conditions, you will be directed to the Protocol submissions template(external link) itself.

This template includes textboxes to input your

  • Protocol title (Mandatory),
  • Initiating author name,
  • an Overview,
  • Background information,
  • Materials/Equipment,
  • any Units, terms or definitions (for the glossary ),
  • step by step Procedure
  • and any additional information.


Don’t worry if you lose formatting, can’t insert tables or the template doesn’t exactly suit your protocol at this stage, you can amend this at the next editing stage.

Once you are ready, select ‘Proceed to editing your protocol’.

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Alternatively, if you are confident with using Wiki syntax and editing techniques, an option towards the base of the page allows you to skip the template form and proceed to editing your protocol in the wiki itself.

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Editing your protocol


You will now see your protocol translated into wiki syntax, which you can format further and add images or attachments, using the formatting toolbar or wiki syntax.

For a more comprehensive introduction to editing PrometheusWiki pages, see the Editing help tutorial.

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Submitting your completed protocol to an editor for approval


When editing your protocol, ONLY PRESS ‘SAVE’ WHEN YOU ARE READY TO SUBMIT. Instead press the ‘PREVIEW’ button as you proceed, or ‘SAVE MINOR EDIT’, and only select ‘SAVE’ when you are completely satisfied and ready to submit your protocol for review and approval prior to being published on PrometheusWiki. Don’t forget to chose ONE ‘CATEGORY’ for your protocol as well.

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Your protocol goes live


After pressing -SAVE’ your protocol will be sent to the Editor responsible for the topic area you designated your protocol to fit into. They will endeavor to confirm receipt of your protocol within a few days, before editing it to meet template guidelines and reviewing it for appropriateness, safety, clarity of expression and duplication. Protocols assessed as worthy will then be posted live on Prometheuswiki, and the Editor will email you to inform you your protocol is live. We’ll make every effort to ensure this happens quickly, but in some cases it may take a couple of weeks, please be patient during this time.

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Submit your protocol now!


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Continue on to 5 – Editing Help

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