Protocol submission checklist

!Protocol submission checklist

!!!::Welcome, thank you for your interest in submitting a protocol to ”PrometheusWiki”::

!!!!Before you get started, please go through the checklist and tips below:

__Checklist:__ You must tick these checkboxes before proceeding to submit your protocol
*Do you hold the copyrights to this protocol
**”You cannot post material on PrometheusWiki that is not your own without acknowledgement and prior consent of the original author(s)”
**”Ensure all other contributing authors are happy with you uploading the given protocol”
**”If any of the material, summary information or methods have been published elsewhere, ensure you check with the publisher that you have rights to reproduce this text on PrometheusWiki” ~~red:Checkbox~~
*You ===MUST=== select ===ONE=== ‘Category’ for your protocol ~~red:can we be clever and insert a dropdown menu of the available categories here ~~ prior to saving (using the -Categories’ tab in editing mode). This allows you to choose which topic area your protocol is best suited to, so that it is submitted to the appropriate ((PrometheusWiki Editorial Board|Editor)) for approval prior to being published on ”PrometheusWiki”. You will not be able to save and submit until you have selected a category. ~~red:Checkbox~~
*Remember to provide keywords within the -Freetags’ section of the -Properties’ Tab within editing mode. This will link your protocol to other related protocols. ~~red:Checkbox~~

*You may want to download a word .doc version of our protocol template to arrange the content of your protocol prior to using this on-line template feature. Don’t worry about formatting it in word, as you’ll need to re-format it the wiki later. Download copy of protocol submission template.doc here: {img fileId="42" thumb="y" alt="" rel="box[g]"}
*We suggest you review the ((How to submit a protocol)) and ((Editing Help)) tutorials prior to starting, and to have a copy of the Editing cheatsheet handy while posting your template. Download it here: {img fileId="111" thumb="y" alt="" rel="box[g]"}

”You will need to tick ALL the above checkboxes before proceeding. ”

-Continue to the protocol submission template ‘ ~~red:(button)~~

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