Dr. Joe Ecologist


Username: JoeEcologist

Affiliated institution: The University of Central New World

Research interests:

  • Developmental plasticity in eucalypts
  • Photosynthesis in a changing climate
  • Drought and its effects on agricultural crops such as maize


Background Info:

After graduating with an honours degree from the University of Science, JoeEcologist went on to complete a masters and PhD with Prof. Plant X Pert at the University of Botany in the area of Eucalypt morphology and developmental plasticity in response to drought. Following this Joe went on to work with the MAC institute for 3 years, developing an online resource for plant science students. He is currently lecturing at the University of Central New World.

Recent publications:

Ecologist, J. 2010. Water use and leaf shape in Eucalyptus. Journal of Drought Problems 44: 919-930

Pert, P.X. and Ecologist, J. 2009. Developmental morphology of Eucalyptus serrata. Functional Plant Botany 23: 2125-2153


Ph: 1234 5678



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