Editorial Board

Editor in Chief




Brendan Choat – Western Sydney University



Editorial assistant




Bree-Anne Laugier – Western Sydney University




Section Editors:

Isotope methods Editors

Margaret Barbour – University of Waikato




Lucas Cernusak – Australian National University


Statistics Editor

Will Cornwell – University of New South Wales

Gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence, Morphology, Plant-level microclimate, Water relations Editor



Renee Prokopavicius – Western Sydney University

Morphology, Tissue chemistry Editor



Adrienne Nicotra – Australian National University



Growth, Water relations Editor

Lawren Sack – University of California, Los Angeles

Plant-level microclimate, Sensor technology and data logging Editor




Louis Santiago – University of California, Riverside






Editor responsible for sections: Anatomy and Microscopy

  • TBA

Editor responsible for section: Imaging technologies

  • TBA

Editor responsible for sections: Soils and Rhizosphere

  • TBA

Editor responsible for section: Architecture

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