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    We need to replace an old Wescor vapor pressure osmometer. It is used primarily for measuring osmotic potentials of liquid or tissue samples in human physiology and plant physiology student labs. I’ve been underwhelmed with the customer support I’ve gotten from Wescor in recent years and so I am happy to consider other manufacturers or even other methodologies (freezing point depression?). In short, we are looking for something that is robust, accurate, precise, relatively quick with small tissue or liquid samples, and relatively cheap. In a perfect world….
    Thanks for any suggestions or insights you might have.
    John Skillman


    Dear John, I’m pretty satisfied with the HR33-T psychrometer and C52 chmabers by Wescor. Fortunately, it’s ages since I last required service. The only snag is, the wires are flimsy and I wonder whether students would be able to handle the chambers carefully.
    I hope my suggestion reaches you in time for your decision.
    Ana Herrera
    Universidad Central de Venezuela

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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