Gold Leaf editorial process

Protocols that are deemed by a subject Editor to have received sufficient attention – be that editing, positive feedback, or usage to warrant endorsement, will be nominated for gold standard review. The Editorial board meet regularly (electronically) to discuss nominations.

“Gold Leaf” protocols become like a publication in themselves, formatted as pdfs with: initiating author, contributing author(s) and subject editors’ names included, and stamped with the PrometheusWiki logo, version, and the correct citation of the protocol. A disclaimer explains what the Gold Leaf standard means, and how to correctly cite the Gold Leaf protocol. Gold Leaf protocols can also be updated if the consensus view in the measurement community shifts.

Pdfs of the Gold Leaf versions will be available to download on the protocol’s live wiki site. That way a live version of the protocol will still continue to evolve, should future alterations or advancements be made with regards to the given protocol.

Multiple Gold Leaf protocols for a given procedure can be submitted and published, reflecting different approaches.

Criteria for a protocol to be awarded Gold Leaf Protocol status

The protocol must:

  • have been reviewed by 2 or 3 experts in the field;
  • have had a mean of 500 hits per month, and/or a minimum of 20 votes with an average score of 4/5;
  • OR a section Editor makes a valid case to the Board in support of a particular protocol (e.g. if it is very specific topic relevant to a small group of people)
  • Following nomination protocols, require support of majority of editors to be accepted as a Gold Leaf protocol.

Example “Gold Leaf” protocol: GAS EXCHANGE PROTOCOL FOR LI-COR 6400
 - File


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