Administration FAQs



Question: Who runs this site

Answer Prometheus Protocols is a collaborative effort between the Prometheus Protocols Editorial Board. Support is provided by the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environmental at Western Sydney University.

Question: What is the role of an Editor


  • Editors are leading figures in their fields, and aware of the latest developments in their own and related areas. They are responsible for writing and periodically updating a summary article at the front of their section, for promoting Prometheus Protocols and inviting submissions of protocols to Prometheus Protocols. Editors will actively solicit contributions from experts on experimental procedures within their section area.
  • Editors also receive protocol submissions from contributors to Prometheus Protocols. These are emailed to the respective section editor upon submission. The Editor will then edit these to meet template guidelines and review for appropriateness, safety, clarity of expression and duplication. Protocols that meet these requirements will then be posted live on the Prometheus Protocols, and the Editor will email the contributing author to inform them their protocol is live.
  • At regular intervals Editors will review existing protocols and the commentary surrounding them, utilizing users’ commentary to improve the published protocols. Editors identify and nominate well established/community approved protocols they think deserve Gold Leaf status, for consideration by the Editorial Board.


Question: How can I contact Prometheus Protocols, the Editorial Board or its members

Answer Select ‘Contact us’ from the left hand menu bar and type in your message or question. Or email Prometheus Protocols directly at prometheusprotocols and specify who the question is for in the subject field. Alternately, the personal websites of each editor are linked to the Prometheus Protocols Editorial Board page.

Question: What is Prometheus Protocols affiliated with and who provides funding

Answer Prometheus Protocolsis a collaborative effort between the Prometheus Editorial Board. Support for the forerunner of this site (PrometheusWiki) was provided by the ARC/NZ Research Network for Vegetation Function. Initial funding for establishing the site was provided by means of an ARC Grant for the Research Network for Vegetation Function. Support for Prometheus Protocols is provided by by the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environmental at Western Sydney University.

Question: How long will this site be around for

Answer It is hoped that Prometheus Protocols will develop into a centralized repository of ecological and environmental plant physiology protocols, a novel resource to replace previous hard copy publications of standardized methods. Our objective is that it will become an important reference site for long into the future.


Question: Can literally anyone contribute to the site

Answer Yes, anyone with internet access will be able to register and submit Prometheus Protocols protocols. However, the content is specialized, thus we welcome contributions from members of the plant ecological environmental and physiology community in particular. Once protocols are submitted that will be peer reviewed before publication on the site to ensure accuracy and quality of protocols.