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Question: How is PrometheusWiki organized


Upper level area summaries

Each topic area includes an overview of the field, written by the Editor responsible for that area,

Lower level topic summaries

Within each topic area, related research areas are introduced with a more specific review and the range of experimental methods available written by respected authorities in the given field,

Detailed protocols

Experimental protocols can be posted by members, including materials, step by step methods and images

Comments and notes

Members are invited to comment on and discuss posted protocols.


Question: How can I navigate my way around the site


  • Explore the different Category areas (e.g. Structure, Function) by clicking on the headings listed in the top of page menu of the homepage. This will open a menu of Upper level summaries that can be followed to Lower level summaries by clicking on each link. A list of Protocols associated with each Lower level summary can then be accessed.
  • A Search feature is available in the right hand menu bar if you are looking for key words or contributors,
  • All pages have been ‘categorized’/filed away and you can browse this filing system by clicking on the locational links/breadcrumbs listed across the top of any given page.