Copyright and Intellectual Property FAQs



Question: Will my contributions to Prometheus Protocols be acknowledged How

Answer Yes, in addition to your user name being listed as a contributor to every page you edit (but only cited as a primary author if you actually initiated the page or protocol):

  • You can include references to your papers which feature the protocols – increasing exposure and citations.
  • You can create a concurrent publication on Prometheus Protocols with a related publication in a traditional print or online journal – cross referencing to a more detailed version on Prometheus Protocols may be highly beneficial subject to rights granted to other publishers.
  • A citation system has been developed to ensure correct acknowledgment of contributors’ work.

Question: How do I cite articles found on Prometheus Protocols

Answer Towards the top left hand corner of each page is a link to ‘Cite This’ page. This link brings up all the necessary bibliographic details for the given page including; page name, initiating author, date of last revision etc. Additionally, these details are automatically formatted into various common citation styles such as APA and MLA styles for you to copy and use directly.

Please note that where a user has not specified their ‘citation name’, the automatic citation may list their name incorrectly (e.g. Joe Ecologist rather than Ecologist, J.).

Alternatively, where a reference has been provided to a paper using a described protocol, you may choose to refer to the published paper directly and note that you followed the associated protocol, as outlined on Prometheus Protocols.

Question: What copyright license do you use
Answer Prometheus Protocols uses a Creative Commons, Attribution Share Alike Licence. See Creative Commons Site Licence(external link).

Question: Am I surrendering copyright to materials I contribute
Answer Prometheus Protocols uses a Creative Commons license. This means you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit � and on the condition that they allow their work also to be shared. See Creative Commons Site Licence(external link).

Question: I’m concerned my copyright is being violated, what should I do
Answer Under the CC license the only way copyright could be violated is if you, the contributor, did not have the rights to the content in the first place. For more information visit the Creative Commons Site License(external link). If you have further concerns, please contact the Editorial Board immediately.

Question: Can I put a protocol into Prometheus Protocols that I have previously published in another journal or elsewhere
Answer You need to check what rights you retained to your protocol when you first published it elsewhere. If you licensed rights to a publisher you will need to seek permission. If you licensed rights to a publisher you may have retained the right to reuse the protocol. Check the wording on the copyright notice that you signed when you first published. Remember that you need to be able to permit others to use the protocol, including in accordance with the terms of the Creative Commons Site Licence(external link).

Question: How do I refer to other peoples’ images and figures I find on Prometheus Protocols
Answer You may use material from Prometheus Protocols in accordance with the Creative Commons Site Licence(external link).

Question: Can I add something to Prometheus Protocols that I got from elsewhere
Answer You must own the rights to any content you post on Prometheus Protocols or have obtained written permission to post any content that you do not have the rights to. In addition you must have the right to allow the content to be used by others in their research work and otherwise as provided under the terms of this site.

Question: Can I reuse Prometheus Protocols content elsewhere
Answer Provided you correctly acknowledge where you obtained your material from referring to the citation instructions outlined under the FAQ ‘How do I cite articles found on Prometheus Protocols

Question: What do I do if I suspect plagiarism on Prometheus Protocols
Answer Please contact the Editorial Board via the ‘Contact Us’ link at the base of each page, or in the left hand menu bar.