Tips for managing fungal diseases in the field

Within the manual Protocols for experimental plot sampling, handling and processing of cereals in field experiments by G.J. Rebetzke (, A. van Herwaarden, B. Biddulph, C. Moeller, R. Richards, A. Rattey and K. Chenu.


  • Avoid repeating growing of the same crop year after year. Where possible sow experiments after a break-crop and preferably one that has some soil bio-fumigation capacity (eg canola)
  • Use seed fungicide treatments
  • Initiate prophylactic spraying from tillering/jointing. This is a preventive spray before any rust symptoms appear
  • Apply second spray at booting
  • More preventive sprays between tillering and booting may be required depending on the seasonal weather conditions
  • Switching the chemical group between subsequent sprays increases the effectiveness of rust control

Other resources

Appendix 1. Text description of phenological scale, Zadoks decimal code (DC).
Appendix 2. Picture description of phenological scale, Zadoks decimal code (DC).
Zadoks JC, Chang TT, Konzak CF (1974) A decimal code for the growth stages of cereals. Weed Research 14(6),415-421. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3180.1974.tb01084.x

Notes and troubleshooting tips


Download complete manual: Protocols for cereal field experiments_Nov2012.pdf

Health, safety & hazardous waste disposal considerations


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